Agility GroupAgility Group


Tove Nilsen Ljungquist, chairman of the board

Tove Nilsen Ljungquist becomes EVP in Hitec Vision’s new industrial group Moreld. Nilsen Ljungquist was EVP of Agility Group and Managing Director of Agility Subsea Fabrication from 2012 to 2014. After taking charge as CEO in 2014, she has successfully restructured ASF under tough market conditions increasing the company’s competitiveness and attractiveness. Nilsen Ljungquist will until further be responsible for Moreld’s follow-up of ASF and she will serve as ASF’s chairman. Tove has, before joining Agility Group, 20 years industrial experience in different management position abroad and in Norway for Norsk Hydro.


Thomas Bergan, member of the board

Thomas Bergan is the new CEO of ASF following Nilsen Ljungquist. He will until further also retain his post as VP Fabrication. Bergan comes from job positions like Production Manager, Operations Manager / Site Manager and most recently, Executive Vice President of the H-window Fjerdingstad and Norwood (Poland). Thomas Bergan is 47 years old and he has been with ASF since September 2019.

Ola Sætre, member of the board

Mr. Sætre has 35 years of experience from the petroleum industry, and is a co-founder of HitecVision and its predecessor Hitec. He was Executive Vice President at Hitec, and has previously held executive-level positions in corporate management, marketing, operations, manufacturing and project management. In these capacities Mr. Sætre was involved in numerous negotiations and was responsible for the acquisition of licensed technologies.

Mr. Sætre is a qualified engineer. He has an extensive industry network and a deep industry knowledge.

Odd Arild Nielsen, employee representative

Odd Arild Nielsen has been employed in the mechanical industry at Kaldnes since 1981 and has experienced several changes in company ownership. He is today employed in Agility Subsea Fabrication as warehouseman in Tønsberg.


Arve Rørholt, employee representative

Arve Rørholt acts as HSE inspector at Agility Subsea Fabrications facility at Røra, Skien. He is also heading the union “FLT” (Forbundet for Ledelse og Teknikk). Arve has been employed in the company since 1989.