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Moreld Agility AS

Visiting address: Havnevegen 31, 3739 Skien
Postal address: P.O. Box 2113, N-3103 Tønsberg, Norway
Invoice address:
Org No: 982 732 638 MVA
Tel: +47 35 96 76 02


The site at Skien is Agility Subsea Fabrication’s main centre for piping prefabrication and installation, and has highly skilled pipefitters and pipe welders. Demanding subsea manifold fabrication started at this modern workshop in 1996. Since then, over 100 manifolds have been fabricated and delivered all over the world. The fabrication also includes several types of other equipment for the oil industry, both subsea and offshore.

Manifolds are fabricated in high quality materials, such as superduplex, duplex, Inconel 625 and different types of carbon steel. The quality requirements are the most stringent. The site has good access to sea transport from the public Vold terminal.

Moreld Agility AS

Visiting address: Stalsbergveien 1, 3128 Nøtterøy
Tel: +47 35 96 76 02


Our 32 000 m² quay-side yard in Tønsberg contains one large production hall with a height of approx. 50 metres.